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The spots where I had found them last winter turned up empty, so I decided to drive a few of the local back roads. My initial search turned up empty, but I then spotted what appeared to be a snow-covered power pole that seemed a bit out of place, as none of the other posts were covered in snow.

Ready to LaunchReady to Launch I approached slowly and still wasn't sure if I had found anything. Only when I got close and it turned its head was it clear that I had found my first Snowy of the season. It quickly decided to fly off in the sunset, which, while disappointing as I would have liked to have grabbed a few more shots, still made for a lovely photo. 

Over the weekend, I was able to find a few more Snowy Owls and hopefully they will stay around the area for the next few months as they really are a treat to watch. I'm still struck by how well that first Snowy Owl was able to disguise itself a snow-capped power pole. Nature is truly something to behold. 


Snowy OwlSnowy Owl

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The Barn Swallows https://www.timosborne.ca/blog/2019/11/the-barn-swallows Baby Barn Swallows - The ChoirBaby Barn Swallows - The Choir Over the past couple of summers, I've had the pleasure of finding a number of Barn Swallow fledglings in Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park. They usually sit on a cattail while chirping madly and trying to convince their parents to bring them some food.

From a photography perspective, this is a tough shot to grab. The birds usually only start chirping once they see their parent and the food is delivered in mere seconds. It takes a bit of good luck to get a shot of this, but when it works, the results are a lot of fun!

For reference, the first shot was captured with the following settings: 1/1250s, f/6.3, ISO 3200 (the light was fairy limited as it was quite overcast this day).  Dinner for FourDinner for Four

If you're curious as to how fast this whole scene played out, here's a video to give you a bit of an idea.  Baby Barn Swallow - Live Action

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